Friday, February 18, 2011

a love for a lovebird

This past weekend, I had to take care of a bird. Not any bird, but a lovebird to be exact. His name is Malijack (don’t know what the owners were thinking), but I’ve grown to love it. Over the last ten years that I’ve known him, I was always fascinated with all the things that this little creature can do. When you think lovebird, you assume that there are two in a cage, but no…this one gets all the love for himself. His love comes from the people around him.
He is extremely unique! Malijack does not want to be in a cage all day. Once the chirping begins, he knows he’ll get his way. As the tiny door to his tiny cage opens, he spreads his wings to fly, checks out his surroundings then lands on his favourite spot: your head or shoulder. He can just chill there for hours, while you do your daily tasks around the house, no bothersome in the world. He loves being involved with everything you do: cooking, eating, showering, brushing teeth, putting on makeup, etc…
But at the end of the day, it’s all about him. Giving him kisses, petting his head, or snuggling up in your shirt. Who would have thought a bird would get this much attention?! I shared a special bond with him that no one can take back and I am grateful. In ten years, he finally grew to love me too. 

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