Thursday, December 29, 2016

december pose: revolved head-to-knee

parivrtta janu sirsasana
How to do it:
1. Start sitting with your legs out wide
2. Bend your left knee, bringing your heel to your groin
3. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale start to lean to the right.
4. Bring your right hand to your right shin, ankle or foot. To go deeper, bend your right elbow and bring the arm to the inside of the right leg.
5. Revolve and open your chest up towards the ceiling.
6. Inhale, raise your left arm up and place the hand behind your head for support or reach it up and over to grab the outer edge of your right foot.
7. Turn your head to look up

Stay for 10-15 breaths, then very slowly unwind and come upright. Repeat on the other side.


  • Stretches the spine and shoulders
  • Improves digestion 
  • Opens the hips