Friday, September 27, 2013

september pose: legs up the wall

How to do it:
1. Start by sitting next to a wall. Turn your body so your side is facing the wall and bring your seat as close to the wall as possible.
2. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, swing your legs up the wall and bring your shoulders and head softly on the floor.
3. Position your body so your hips come as close to the wall as possible. For more support, you can place a bolster or blanket underneath you.
4. Your arms can stay by your side palms facing up or over your head.

Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable, stay with your breath and relax into this sweet pose for up to 10 minutes. To come out, slowly bend your knees, place your feet flat on the wall and roll over to your right side.


  • Mild inversion to help calm your nerves and relaxes the mind
  • Relieves mild backache
  • Gently stretches the back of the legs