Wednesday, June 22, 2011

fly like a bird!

Who would have ever thought that acrobatics and yoga would mix? Well it certainly does, after I experienced my first ever acro yoga class at The Yoga Sanctuary downtown. It was such an intense workout, incorporating back bends, forward folds, and lots of core strength! We branched out into small groups of three's where one was the base, flyer and spotter. I felt like an act out of Cirque du Soleil, even though I looked nearly as graceful as those talented gymnasts. The energy in the room was so uplifting and fun that two hours went by so fast! There was also an energizing blend of partner work connecting our bodies and deepening the backbends. As the class came to a close, we all sat in a circle joining our bodies into a group twist then feeling the vibrations as we all chanted OM in unison as our hands touched the back of the heart of our neighbours.

Yoga Sanctuary will be holding more Acro Yoga classes during the month of July, August and September. Check their website for the dates, or let me know if you want to join me. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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