Thursday, January 27, 2011

downhill fear

Ski season is upon us! Chilled mornings, the fresh winter air, chairlift fever, freshly paved hills, and the adrenaline rush of speeding down a mountain. For me, those are all great things (when I was younger), but now it’s more like freezing cold, runny nose, fear of falling, icy hills and praying that I get down safely! I used to be a ski fanatic, going every year to Quebec with my parents, skiing down black and double diamond hills with all the excitement in the world. Now as a yoga instructor, my body is really my temple. I need to take care of it; one slip and my career may be over. That joy of going down a hill is replaced with panic, telling myself “please don’t fall”.
Why do I feel this way? Could it be that I’ve lacked practice? My inner child has grown up? Or I’m just a scared? Too many questions, yet the real answer may be to face my fears. Let go, and let the wind take control. I have faith and belief that worrying will get me nowhere.
Practice makes perfect. If you fall, brush it off, and get back up. So…I will continue with grace to ski the hills, steering my way from left to right, facing one fear at a time. Wish me luck! 

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