Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vancouver Bliss

I had the honour and privilege to be one of 70 people chosen to go to Vancouver to represent on behalf of the ambassador team for the Vaughan Mills store.  It was the most insane 3 days of my a good way ;) 

From the moment I landed, we took a cab straight to head office, grabbed a quick bite to eat, then hopped on a bus en route to Grouse Mountain! Literally changing on the bus, and climbing over 4000ft high for an hour and 30mins! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing people by my side. I then checked into the hotel, met my roommate (Holly, you were a blast!), then had a great meal getting to know each other ;) 

After Day 1 was complete, now it was for the fun to begin! 530am wake up, yoga class, then hearing from amazing people who have shaped how lululemon is today.  To be in the presence of such inspiring people, not to mention elite athletes was truly a gift.

The highlight of the trip was creating our vision and goals. This way an eye opener for me! We all have the power to create possibilities for ourselves and I needed that push to help me realize. What I am best in the world at is teaching children! My passion and driving force is creating possibilities for these future mentors as well as for everyone around me.

My declaration in life: I am a playful and personable yogini, through my practice I am passionate, powerful, patient and positive in everything I do! (lots of P's!) 

Thank you lululemon for believing in me and seeing the potential in all of us. We all can provide greatness in this world. Sky is the limit and it’s just the beginning…


  1. Hi Jessie!

    It has been ages since I last saw or spoke to you... I am so happy to read your blog and hear the passion that you have for life!

    Where do you teach yoga now? I would love to take a class with you if it's nearby.

    Please check out my blog and pass it on to any teachers that would benefit from it:


    Joanne Babalis

    1. Thanks for your comment!! I know it's been forever!!
      I'm teaching at Stratusphere Yoga Studio just south of Vaughan Mills mall. I would love to have you in my class :)

      Great blog as well! I adore working with children!

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