Thursday, January 5, 2012

ear-candling magic!

It’s that time of year again, where the flu bug makes its rounds. Runny nose, cough, fever and chills – nothing that no one wants to get…but I did! Every year around the holidays it seems to get me; I overwork my body and this is the pay back.

I am officially feeling better. However, I couldn’t teach my hot class tonight, as much as I hate letting my students down, but the heat would not have been good for my body. After countless dosages of oregano oil, Buckley’s, vitamin C, Tylenol cold and flu, and ginger tea, one thing made the list of top remedies: EAR CANDLING!

My mother has been doing it for years in the comfort of our own home alongside her reflexology career, and I make it a ritual to "clean my ears" at least once a year, (using Q-Tips after you shower does not count!).  It honestly cured me, just when I thought I couldn’t breathe anymore, it completely opened up my sinuses.  The candle is made up of bee’s wax, and the procedure lasts about 25-30mins. There is no pain in the world, and is extremely soothing. The results are even better, when you get to see all the crap that comes out of one single ear! It is safe for people of all ages, even dogs!

Ear candling also helps with: allergies, migraines, pressure headaches, balance disorders, hearing loss, swimmers ear, ear infections, impacted ear wax and head noises.

Let me know if you’re interested!


  1. sounds very interesting!!!!! Glad you are feeling better & getting over the flu. what steps do you need to take to achive this ear remedy at home?

  2. You need a special type of candle. I think they sell it at most health food stores. Make sure you have someone with you, a bowl of water and a paper plate with a moist cloth on it, where the candle goes through. My mom puts a drop of oil before hand, then puts the candle in the ear.

    Light the candle up then wait...when it reaches close to the plate, remove it and let the candle burn out in the water. Cut the candle and open it up, then voila! all done...clean in and around the ear with a q-tip then, put a cotton ball in your ear if you're planning on going outside right after to avoid catching a draft.

  3. Jessie - does your mom do this as a service to other people, or just for family? I have always heard amazing things, but never had anyone I knew or trusted to do it - and I would DEFINITELY trust your mom ... please let me know as I would like to try this, and the cost as well. Thanks for posting :) and Happy New Year!!

  4. Hi Tina,
    My mom does this service to others! She charges $40.